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August 2022 ~ Picking the Perfect Frame

The Vision Impact Institute research states that 3 out of 4 people in the U.S. have vision correction, and of those people, 71% wear glasses and 22% wear contacts. Impaired vision is the most widespread disability in the world, but 80% of all visual impairment can be avoided and in some cases even cured. Something special about optometry is that we are allowed the opportunity to combine medicine and fashion which is a unique combination.

Nostalgic Eye Care is here to educate our community and make sure that we have the correct knowledge to protect and preserve our most important sense and gift of sight.

August is here and our 4th annual Summer Flow Trunk Show is around the corner on August 20th, 2022 from 11-3pm!! We will be featuring the following brands; Gucci, Tom Ford, Celine, Laibach & York and Lafont. Use these tips to pick out the perfect frame for you!

After your eye examination you are handed a prescription to correct your vision, but what is next? How do you go about picking out a frame that works best with your style? Keep reading to find out!

Steps for Picking the Perfect Frame for You!

1. Considering your Prescription Needs

The most important factor to consider when choosing an eyeglass frame is your prescription needs. If you have a higher prescription, you should consider the following in order to have the most desirable appearance in your new specs!

High Plus Prescriptions (over +5.00):

  • Choose small & round frames to minimize thickness of lenses

High Overall Prescription (over +5.00/over -5.00):

  • Avoid rimless and semi-rimless frames

  • Choose plastic frames over metal (reduces lens sticking out)

  • Choose Hi-Index lenses so that the frame doesn’t have a coke bottle effect

2. Face Shape

Depending on the natural shape of your face, certain eyeglass shapes can enhance your look!

Square Shape: Choose oval or round eyeglasses to thin the face

Rectangle Shape: Choose round, oval or aviator shaped frames

Diamond Shape: Choose cat eye or oval frames to enhance cheeks

Round Shape: Choose Square or Rectangle shaped glasses

Oval Shape: Choose a frame with a strong bridge

Triangle Shape: Choose cat eye, rectangle or oval shaped frames

3. Considering Color

When deciding what color frame to pick, you should think about your skin tone, eye color, hair color.

Darker skin: Bright Red, White, Gold, Neons, Pastels

Fairer skin: Dark Blue, Black, Navy, Forest Green, Purple/Eggplant, Tortoise

Brown eyes: Green and blues are bold, but any color will complement

Hazel/Green eyes: Red complements this eye color the best

Blue eyes: Orange and brown frames complement this eye color

Gray eyes: Bright colored frames complement this eye color

Darker Hair: Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green

Lighter Hair: Black, Clear, Amber, Tortoise

4. Consider your Lifestyle & Personality

All of the above are suggestions that opticians use based on complementing one’s natural appearance. However, at the end of the day, your eyewear becomes a representation of you as you will wear it everyday. Go crazy and have fun with the colors and offer a touch of your own personality into your specs!

You can incorporate your lifestyle and hobbies into your frames in the following ways:

  • Active?

    • Try out spring hinge glasses or wrap around style frames

  • Working at the office?

    • Try some stylish frames

  • Busy Mom or Dad?

    • Try out some basic, yet stylish black frames

  • Preschool Teacher?

    • Try something exciting and fun to hold the children’s attention


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