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Multiple Eyewear Pairs Program

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Technology has challenged us to utilize our vision in a multitude of ways. We are spending an ample amount of time on the computer looking at more than one screen. We are challenged by the headlights of cars at night time. We need sun protection and transitions is not adequate and a nice pair of sunglasses would come in handy. Our older population have limitations with their bifocals or progressives that may limit their ability to perform particular task for a long period of time. One pair of glasses does not always satisfy our visual needs. At Nostalgic Eye Care we recognize that it may take more multiple pairs of glasses to meet our visual needs. We have decided to partner with McQ Alexander McQueen to officially established our multiple pair discount program for our patients! With a purchase of a complete pair of glasses you can purchase a second pair of glasses thru our discount program with a free McQ frame. A second pair of glasses can be used as a computer pair, reading pair, sunglasses, an occupational pair for computer and reading or even as an emergency pair. Come see the McQ line, let us uncover your visual needs and take advantage of the program!

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