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Workplace Eye Wellness Month March 2022

Updated: May 22, 2022

March is the month of Workplace Eye Wellness Month. Each year, nearly 25,000 Americans visit the emergency room due to a workplace eye injury. During Workplace Eye Wellness Month this March, we want to educate and remind employers and workers about the importance of wearing eye protection.

Nostalgic Eye Care is here to educate our community and make sure that we have the correct knowledge to protect and preserve our most important sense and gift of sight.

Workplace Eye Wellness Month Topics:

Blue Light Filter/Anti-Reflective Lens Coating

Polycarbonate Lens Material

Safety Glasses/Kids Googles

Anti-Reflective Lens Coating/Blue Light Lens Filter

When purchasing glasses the optician will go over many different lens coatings and additions to craft a unique piece of eyewear that suits your specific needs. Today we will provide information about anti-reflective lens coating and blue light lens filters.

Anti-reflective coating may be referred to as “AR” or “anti-glare coating”. This is a coating that goes on top of your lenses to improve vision, reduce eye strain. When these reflections are removed, more light can pass through your lenses allowing for crisp vision and a better aesthetic to your eyewear as glare will be seen through your lenses and looking at screens will be more comfortable. Additionally, anti-reflective coatings allow you to drive more comfortably at night as it eliminates glare from streetlights and oncoming car headlights.

During this day and age many people find themselves working with technology on a daily basis–whether it be a computer, iPad, smart phone, etc. These technological devices transmit a light called blue light which is harmful to our eyes when we stare at it for long periods of time. Blue light from electronic devices can cause eye strain, eye pain, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches.

If you are someone who works with electronic devices it is of the utmost importance that you inquire about a blue light lens filter so that your eyes can be protected at work.

Polycarbonate Lens Material

Lenses that are put into glasses are made from many different materials. One of the most popular lens materials is that of polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is used primarily because of its many benefits including; its lightweight, UV protection, and most importantly, its durability. Polycarbonate lenses are required for those under the age of 18 and those patients who have reduced vision in one eye because of its impeccable endurance.

Safety Glasses/Googles

It is of the utmost importance that those who work in the industries of healthcare, laboratory, construction, auto repair, carpentry, electrical work, welding, plumbing and others protect their eyes with prescription or non-prescription safety glasses to prevent any flying pieces or chemicals from coming in contact with the eye.

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